Posted By KATE McMANUS -Physiotherapist  
14:00 PM

Keilor Village Physiotherapy
Falls and Balance Screen
Are you concerned about your balance or worried you might fall? A Falls and
Balance Screen with our physiotherapist can help develop a plan for prevention.
Approximately, ⅓ of people aged 65 years and over living in the community, fall
at least once/year. The good news is that much can be done to prevent falls.
A Falls and Balance Screen will assess your strength, balance and mobility so
that a tailored exercise program can be provided if needed.
You will also be screened for other things that can affect your balance such as
vision, dizziness, home environment and foot issues and given recommendations
on any areas that need to be addressed.
You will be taught what to do if you fall and how to safely get up and be provided
with a take home information booklet full of good advice.
If you would like to arrange a Falls and Balance Screen or if you are 65+ and
have had one or more falls in the past 12 months, then call Keilor Village Medical
on (03) 9331 6967 to make an appointment